17 November 2012

long time no see

I guess I've all but abandoned this blog. I've been meaning to post but I've had a lot going on and the internet isn't one of my top priorities. Finally got a job, so between that, school, and currently not living at home, I haven't had much free time. Zach is now living in South Korea, and I'm trying to save money for a trip there, among other things.

The only art I've made lately has been for school. I've made some pieces I'm fond of, and tried a lot of different things, but the access I have to a scanner is really limited, so that's why I haven't posted anything like that lately.

For the most part the only social networking type site I'm active on is Instagram. With the fall semester starting to wind down I'm not going to have the time to organize any posts on here, but hopefully sometime somewhere in the near future I will be able to.

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