20 January 2012

things from recently

Some stuff from Christmas (I'm only almost a month late, shh). The first photo, with the soot sprite plushie, is what Zach got me, and the other three photos are things from my parents. I adore my Bioshock Big Daddy toy so very much! And the books have been keeping me occupied lately.

I started back to school this past week, and it seems like for the most part my classes are going to be pretty enjoyable. I'm taking 3D Design and an intro Digital Graphic Design class, and later in the semester I'm going to be taking Oral Communication (ugh...) and Intro to Cinema (which I'm most excited about!). I've been hoping to go on some adventures lately because my schedule leaves me with a lot of free time on campus, but the weather has been awful, raining and windy one day, snowing and freezing cold the next.

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