07 October 2011

things from recently

A while ago m0m0ko had a giveaway at her blog, and I happened to be the winner! Pictured are all the items she sent me, as well as an item I got to pick out from Pinky Paradise! I came across Tony Moly products and their packaging is so adorable that I knew I had to get something--I picked the Ice Queen Crispy Green Tea Pack, which is for soothing skin and tightening pores (but mainly I decided to get it because, come on! it's an ice cream!).

A few weeks ago my mom volunteered at a church yard sale and found these slides for me. It seems like most of the slides were never even taken out, though it is missing the cassette that was apparently initially included. I think they're from the 1970s? Looking through these was really interesting though I suppose I really have no use for slides like this haha.

And of course, more additions to my rosary collection. My dad found these for me in his mom's house. We think the white one belonged to one of his grandmothers, but otherwise know nothing about them. I especially love both the red and white ones. The blue one is unlike any others I have, even though it isn't the most interesting.