16 October 2011

gallery crawl september 30, 2011

I'm a little late in posting this, whoops. It isn't all as fresh in my mind anymore so my descriptions may not be the greatest. This time around I went on the crawl with my family, which was interesting. It was ridiculously crowded in most of the galleries so I didn't get to see everything up close, but I can always head back another time.

The exhibit at Space Gallery was called "Extraction," and every different piece there was interactive, so throughout the night it all changed. My favorite was a fill-in-the-blank puzzle. There was a cooler with huge chunks of ice in it, and you had to chisel a marble out. Each marble had a corresponding number and letter for you to fill in the puzzle.

At Wood Street Galleries was "Parallel Universe," which I thought was really neat. There was a lot of different stuff there, but the highlight was definitely "Shrink." It was interesting to watch and so unlike anything I'd seen before that I couldn't help but be mesmerized by it. It was also interactive, as volunteers could also get inside. (Oh, and there was a girl wearing cool Docs, I couldn't resist snapping a photo :P)

Then we stopped at two smaller galleries. I don't have any info on them currently, but they were gorgeous. One was entirely based around mandalas and Buddhist imagery, all done in bright colors. Naturally I was interested in those pieces because of my interest in Buddhism, so that was really awesome. The other was all abstract pieces all based on the human form, both in painting and wood sculpture. Some of the colors were absolutely gorgeous and it was fun to try and figure out exactly where the "human" parts were. I loved that the paintings had a lot of hidden undertones of different colors, it made them much more interesting to look at than if they'd just been flat colors.

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