26 September 2011

wet 'n wild "dreamy poppy" + "hannah pinktana"

These nails were from a while ago, inspired by a post I saw at Mad Manis: Wet 'n Wild Dreamy Poppy (from the Wild Shine collection) and Wet 'n Wild Hannah Pinktana (from the Fast Dry collection). I've had Dreamy Poppy for years and forgot about it, but I'm really glad I saw the post about it because I also forgot how much I loved it! Hannah Pinktana was a gift from Easter that I never found a use for.. turns out I really adored this combination!

Dreamy Poppy is a very bright coral pink, and to me a really summery shade! It doesn't need too many coats, and like the name says, it has a lot of shine. I apologize for the bubbles in my picture, though-- that has nothing to do with the polish itself but a cheap base coat I happened to be using. This polish has a nice consistency and applies well. Overall I really love it!

Hannah Pinktana is a pink and purple glitter polish. It dries quickly and has great shine to it-- but it's extremely sheer! I've never been able to use it because it would require so many coats on its own, but it works amazingly for layering! Another downside is the big brush.. I don't know why Wet 'n Wild decided to make such a large brush, it makes application really messy. So this might not be my favorite but it definitely has its redeeming qualities.

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