15 August 2011

weekend trip

This past weekend Zach and I went on a little trip, mainly to visit his old hometown in Hazleton, PA. We ended up making a side trip out to Centralia (a mostly abandoned town because of a mine fire that has been burning since 1962), which was really cool.

All of these pictures were taken in Centralia except for the last one, which is the town of Ashland (down the hill from Centralia, I thought it was a neat looking place). There are four cemeteries, one church, and less than ten houses left in Centralia, and you can easily access the abandoned section of highway. It was definitely pretty cool to walk along the old highway and see the cracks in the ground and the smoke coming out. There's not much left (other than the houses where people still live pretty much everything has been demolished) but it's still a cool place to explore. It's also definitely a bit eerie and sad.

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