21 August 2011

flea market finds

The man selling the rosaries told me they were from the 30s or 40s, but he didn't really know anything about them so I'm not entirely sure (especially since the red one has an Our Lady of Lourdes centennial medal from 1958 on it.. though I have no clue if it's real, or if it was originally on the rosary.. sigh). I already have a rosary like the first one (black plastic) but with white accents.. the man gave it to me, though. The red one is kind of unattractive, but also pretty interesting imho.  I've never seen one like it before (and I can't find any like it).

I really unfortunately know nothing about how to tell how old (or not) a rosary is, and I'm not too great at recognizing what they're made out of.. in addition, it's proving pretty difficult to find any helpful info online :( I really do need to start reading up on this type of thing, though. I collect rosaries, so it would probably make sense if I actually knew anything about them, lol.

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