10 August 2011

felician sisters

The other day my gramma, mom, brother and I stopped at Felician Sisters/Our Lady of the Sacred Heart High School to check out their grounds (is that weird? We go to a Catholic high school campus for fun?). It's actually pretty cool there, aside from the statues and prayer areas they have a "peace area" under some trees as well as a "labyrinth" throughout a big field, which leads to their cemetery.

I'm definitely not religious at all but (I know I mentioned this before, if anyone remembers the post I made about Buddhism a while back) but I find religious imagery and history really interesting. Catholicism and Christianity used to kind of scare me but recently I've become much more interested in it. Which is sort of ironic, seeing as I was raised to go to church and then became totally opposed to it, and my gramma probably thinks I'm a heathen. Ah well.

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