09 June 2011

things from recently

I apologize for not posting much lately! Like I mentioned in my previous post I'm trying to keep myself busy now that it's summer, and for the most part I've succeeded in doing so. Hopefully I'm going to start listing things up for sale on Etsy soon, but for now I have started listing clothes on eBay, and while I don't have much there right now I do have a lot more things to list. Nothing too exciting, but some decent things nonetheless.

Other than that, last weekend we went to a family reunion (I'd never been to one prior to that. I'll just say it was very awkward.) and Tuesday night I saw Portugal. The Man live. It was a great show, so I'm really glad I ended up going. And of course I got a t-shirt there, which has this really awesome artwork on it, but alas it is too big for me.

Anyway, here are some pictures of miscellaneous things from the past couple of weeks that have nothing to do with the above two paragraphs. I'm just trying to get all my thoughts on what's happened recently down in one place.
A necklace that belonged to some distant relative of some sort (nothing that I'll probably ever wear, but it's rather pretty, I think), and an adorable box of tissues from Target (I get excited over regular household objects with cute faces so I could not resist them).
My nails from this past weekend (OPI's Rumple's Wiggin and Sinful Color's Snow Me White), and a Virgin Mary statue/vase that my mother gave to me.
Two newest additions to my vintage photograph and rosary collections, both from an antique shop for $1 each. 
And some new shorts and a new pair of sandals because I legitimately do not have any summer clothes anymore. I've gotten a few more articles of clothing recently as well but I haven't gotten any decent pictures of them. :'( I feel like I should try doing more wardrobe posts here, since I'm not really into Poupee Girl as much right now.. but I'll probably never get around to it.

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