17 May 2011

hysterical machines

This past Sunday Zach and I went to the Wood Street Galleries. The current exhibit is "Hysterical Machines" by Bill Vorn. It's really different from any other exhibit I've seen before, and was definitely very interesting. A description of the exhibit taken from the gallery's website:
The questions posed by Vorn's work are not about whether robots have true emotion or intelligence, but rather about what they evoke in us, their users. In a dramatic fashion, Vorn's robots respond to our interactivity as "a state of mind." In questioning our relations, connections or fantasies concerning robots, we may end up imaging what the robot is feeling about us.
Can you and do you love robots?
I think the concept behind it is really interesting. The exhibit itself was fun to watch, because there were lots of different moving parts and flashing lights and patterns to watch, but it also had a sort of unsettling feel to it, somehow it was a bit creepy. But I often become attached to inanimate objects and eventually develop what I believe are their "personalities," especially in things like robots, so I felt I could really connect on that level. Anyway, enough rambling.. here are the pictures I took!

(I love bokeh!)

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