28 April 2011

mogwai @ mr smalls

Zach's a pretty big fan of Mogwai and so, naturally, I've become a fan as well. It doesn't seem like bands we like often come to Pittsburgh, so I think we're both really glad we were able to see them! I thought it was a really good show (though they came on pretty late) and we were right in front which was cool.

The show was at Mr Smalls, which I'd never been to before even though it's pretty popular. It's a really cool venue, inside an old church. It's standing-only though they also have a bar in the back (that underage me couldn't enjoy) and you can order food as well. It had an overall cool atmosphere! Hopefully I'll be going back in June to see Portugal. The Man. :O


  1. Oh man, this is awesome! Great shots. I hope you get to see Portugal. The Man--I wanted to see them but they're only coming near me with a bunch of other bands I don't want to see. Hahah~

  2. Thank you! Aw, that's a bummer :( I only recently started listening to them (thanks to my brother) so I'm really excited that they're actually coming here!