04 April 2011

be with you

This year I seem to have a theme going in my reading! Most of what I've been reading are books whose movie counterparts I've already seen. Be With You (or Ima, Ai ni Yukimasu) is no exception.

I watched this movie a really, really long time ago (without subtitles, so I'm assuming it was right around when it was first released) and even without having a translation I knew I loved it. I honestly cried through the whole thing, lol. It's a really touching story and for years I wanted badly to read the book.

This book definitely did not disappoint. I know part of the reason I liked it so much was because I finally truly understood everything that went on.. but that aside it's written in an interesting way and is full of characters you can't help but love (my favorites are Nombre and his dog, Pooh, who can only say "~?"). Be With You is definitely a very sad story, but it's a great tale of strong love and overcoming hardship. It drew me in quick and it almost just as quickly has probably become a favorite book of mine. It's become a popular book and for good reason.

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