14 March 2011

the corpse walker

A while back there were stories going around Tumblr about "walking corpses" in Indonesia. I was interested in learning about where exactly these rumors came from, and eventually ended up learning about corpse walkers and ancient corpse walking ceremonies in China. There wasn't much, though, so I started looking for books related to the subject and happened across this one: The Corpse Walker- Real-Life Stories, China from  the Bottom Up (by Liao Yiwu).

It isn't entirely what I had expected it to be-- I knew it revolved around interviews but I hadn't exactly expected it to just be one interview after another after another, and that made it a little hard to keep track of (not only the stories but also the people and topics). Regardless, it was really interesting. I think it goes without saying by this point that I'm always extremely interested in learning about Asian cultures, but I've never read much about more modern-day China, so this was a really eye-opening read.

It's very raw. The topics and people throughout the book aren't only intriguing, but some of them are heartbreaking and almost unbelievable. I've learned a lot about a part of China I really hadn't known before.

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