18 March 2011

collection from art school

For a while now I've been wanting to go through all my stuff from AIP (which I attended October 2009 until April 2010), and make a collection of those works. I finally got around to going through the last of it, and.. I'm really, really disappointed in the lack of presentable works I made while there.

Part of that is because at least half of my projects never got returned to me (seriously-- some teachers would wait until the last day of the quarter to start grading everything, and expect us to wait around for the entire 4 hours when most people had plans to leave; some teachers would just leave everything in unorganized piles in a classroom shared with at least five other teachers who did the same, so it was impossible to find yours), but I guess during that time I really wasn't in to the art, because I honestly didn't document much of it.

Anyway, under the break are a small collection of projects and artworks that I (for the most part) have never shared before, along with (somewhat rambly) descriptions and explanations.

These two were my midterm and final projects in my Drawing class (during the winter 2010 quarter). Our teacher was really crazy, this old Spanish man who was fairly hard to understand, but he was cool because he felt so passionately about art and teaching in general (something rare, I'd found, from a teacher at that school) and was really interesting.

For our midterm we had to take a trip to a local museum or two, choose an artist or piece (from before a certain time period) that we liked, and recreate it (but in a medium different than the original). I cannot for the life of me remember the name of the artist or painting I chose (if anyone does I'd be really grateful), but I'm really happy with the result. It's one of the biggest colored pencil pieces I've done.

The final assignment was basically along the same lines as the midterm, but we had to choose a surrealist artist and also had to research the artist and their work, themes, etc. I chose Leonor Fini, who I'd been unfamiliar with at that point, and while surrealism isn't really my thing I enjoy her art. This specific piece was based on "Gardienne des sources." I know I could have done better on it, but I still like it a good bit.

These four pages were some of my "daily drawings" from a Concept Development class (winter 2010 quarter). The teacher was mostly intolerable. She acted very full of herself because she was an ~artist~ and her rules throughout the class and the projects we did were ridiculous. She graded harshly pretty much just because she could and she was never understanding or tolerant of people having issues.

One of the assignments throughout the class was for us to do ten minute daily drawings. I didn't really take it seriously (I'm not sure anyone did, because we know she wouldn't actually check ten weeks' worth of drawings from all of her students), so these are really the only ones worth sharing. Nothing special, just little doodles I ended up liking.

These two are from my Fundamentals of Design class, and unfortunately they're really the only two pieces from that class that I have documented. The teacher for this course was one of my favorites. He was really leinient and funny, and always kept the classes interesting and the lectures short and informative. He shared interesting stories with us a lot, and he had many of them. He could be pretty blunt and harsh, but it is one of the few classes I feel I learned anything from.

The first was actually our first project: we had to design  a set of cohesive "icons," of any shape and theme that we chose. I'm really fond of some of the designs, even though I really didn't get the whole picture of the project. Henna tattoos were the inspiration for these designs.

The other was a project where we had to use different types of fonts and letters in an abstract way. I'm fond of how these look, although they aren't that impressive. It legitimately took me about five minutes. I have terrible work ethic.

Two paintings from Color Theory. The teacher for this class graded hard, but she was fairly nice. I had her for another class the next quarter, and she seemed to be a fairly well-rounded artist. Although she told us that any degree in fine arts or art history was completely useless, which I found kind of.. unprofessional.

I'm really proud of the Flapjack painting-- the assignment was to paint a character using slightly off colors, in order to understand/experiment with how the colors would show up when photographed or put on a television screen. Thankfully my colors worked out almost perfectly. This is probably the cleanest thing I've ever painted, which is kind of sad actually lol.

The other painting is just a basic color wheel. My gradients aren't all that great (mainly the yellow, as is very noticeable), but I like the design I came up with and the overall look of how it turned out.

This is very certainly the only thing worth sharing from my Perspective class, and that's not really saying much. We did different perspective projects every year throughout high school art, but it's never been my thing. Needless to say being in a class only on that subject with a very strict, very unhelpful teacher (seriously-- he told us multiple times not to ask for help because apparently if we paid attention and read the syllabus we'd know exactly what to do even though I'd imagine it's his job to help students, seeing as he's a teacher..)  was not a fun experience for me. 

This was my final project. It's my house. Aside from the terrible background and the wonky basement window, I'm not entirely disappointed in it. I put a decent amount of effort into it and I think it shows (hopefully).

This piece was for my History and Analysis of Design course. We spent a good deal of time learning about art nouveau, which I found extremely interesting as I've always loved that type of art. We especially focused on Alphonse Mucha, of course, and this project was basically about really researching and understanding his works, the themes in his works, his style, etc. The teacher really liked my project, actually. I had fun doing it and (aside from minor issues) I'm quite pleased with it. I don't think I quite did Mucha justice, but oh well.

As an afterthought, here are two actual projects from my Concept Development class. I don't really consider them to be my "artwork," because it's just Photoshop with no artistic ability whatsoever, but I kind of liked them anyway. Of course, though, my teacher was far too preoccupied with acting ~artistic~ and better than everyone else to even give these a second glance. They didn't perfectly fit her ideas of what she wanted the project to be, so she shot them right down.

The first was a postcard assignment, where we had to choose an art gallery or museum in the area (but not anything as simple as the Warhol Museum or the Carnegie Museum, we had to find a lesser-known place) and make a set of postcards based on a show or exhibit they had there. I had visited the Wood Street Galleries a while back and really enjoyed this exhibit by Martin Bonadeo, so I thought it would be a good subject. I had much different ideas for it in the beginning, but my teacher basically trashed all of them and therefore sucked any enjoyment out of this for me.

The second was, obviously, a car ad. I don't remember exactly the criteria for it, other than she kept basing project after project off of our first assignment (which was about a car from our childhood or past in general) and it got old really fast. This also didn't take much work, and I guess you can kind of tell. I still kinda like it though.

And that's honestly all I have to show for the six months I spent at an art school. It's kind of sad, I guess, but looking back I really shouldn't expect much considering how miserable I was there. As for any artwork I did outside of classwork while there? I've found about three Tegaki drawings, and two or three drawings I did for Zach over that time period. I'm still trying to get entirely back into art a year later. :/

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