24 March 2011

auschwitz: a doctor's eyewitness account

Back in elementary and middle school I was completely obsessed with reading about the Holocaust (but I think most kids went through a WWII phase back then, right?) and I was always trying to find more and more books to read about it. Over the past several years I kind of lost interest in the subject, for no reason in particular, but a while back this book showed up, and I eventually got around to finishing it up a couple weeks ago.

It was definitely an interesting book, because while I've always been sorta interested in Mengele and the medical things that went on in Auschwitz I'd never read much about it in particular. This book, written by Miklos Nyiszli, tells the story of how he managed to become the doctor almost directly underneath Mengele in the Sonderkommando, the terrible things he experienced and had to do, and how he eventually escapes.

I think I had expected more from the book, somehow. The story was really intriguing and it definitely had some disturbing parts, but I guess I wished it had gone more in depth about Mengele's experiments specifically. My mom had constantly told me how horrendous everything in this book was, but I guess I've been kind of desensitized lol. Most of the events that occured seemed pretty typical given the setting. Regardless, it's a really interesting and educational read.

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