03 February 2011

norwegian wood

Norwegian Wood is the first book by Murakami that I've read. For a long time I'd been interested in reading his books, and I'd read a lot of quotes and excerpts from his books which convinced me more that I'd enjoy them. I heard that Norwegian Wood had been made into a movie, so I figured it would be a good first choice.

I'm definitely pleased with Norwegian Wood. I could completely relate to both Naoko and Toru in different ways. I feel like those characters are almost identical to at least some part of me, so I became kind of emotionally drawn in and became attached haha. The writing style is great, it actually made me think a lot of Banana Yoshimoto's style of writing. It quickly drew me in and kept me interested.

The only thing I wasn't totally in love with, though, was the ending. I feel like it definitely left something to be desired. It just kind of left me hanging, there wasn't too much closure in my mind. That said, I think the story played out in an interesting way and it probably wouldn't have the same effect had it gone on any longer. I'm definitely glad I finally read this book.

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