20 February 2011

cake balls and thin mints

I've never really mentioned it online too much, and I always forget to take pictures, but I really like baking. I'm not the best cook but I'd say I'm pretty decent at baking. Usually I stick to the same few recipes, but this year I decided to try out something new. For our belated Valentines Day I baked two things for Zach: homemade thin mints and red velvet cake balls (recipes from A Cozy Kitchen and Bakerella respectively). Both recipes ended up being much more time-consuming than I had expected, and I literally spent all day baking. My family had to end up helping me toward the end because it was so overwhelming -__- But hey, it was all an act of love!
Both the cake balls and cookies were supposed to be completely coated in chocolate, but that got really tiresome. We melted candy cane Hershey's kisses on some of the cookies (those kisses are amazing, by the way), and drizzled chocolate and melted kisses on the cake balls. I think it make it all more interesting, personally. And everything turned out pretty good! But I think I'll stick to buying thin mints from now on :P

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