02 January 2011

new year

I hope everyone was able to start the new year on a positive note! It's kind of a love-hate thing with me.. like I've mentioned before I'm starting at a new school soon after having taken off almost an entire year. I want a fresh start, but at the same time I'm really scared. It seems like 2010 ended really, really quickly. It doesn't feel like January.

For New Years Eve I hung out with my boyfriend and some friends. Nothing really out of the ordinary, we just chilled and did what we usually do when we hang out. I'm glad I spent the night having fun :) My boyfriend and I took a trip to downtown Pittsburgh earlier NYE day and visited a cemetery there. It's very old, and I actually hadn't known it was there until just recently. I find cemeteries extremely interesting, and the fact that this one is smack dab in the middle of a city is really cool, in my opinion. I, of course, took some pictures:

 Definitely a cool place. I'd like to spend more time there if it were more accessible.. if only I had known about it when I was going to school downtown, haha. :(

That's about all I've got to post about for now.. I haven't been very motivated lately to take nail photos or anything, but hopefully I'll do that some time soon. Oh! I've also made a Goodreads account recently. If anyone has one feel free to add me! I've been fairly obsessive with it as of late.


  1. i love these photos!! i find cemeteries so fascinating, but i've never had the guts to go to one before.
    i love the colours of these, especially the last with the red door~

  2. Ah, you definitely should some time! I find them kind of calming, but more than anything it's super interesting to read the gravestones.
    Thanks! I love how that red door contrasts with the drabness of everything else ;0