24 January 2011

mary magdalene

I've admired lolita fashion for a very long time, and when I'm feeling particularly uninspired I find myself browsing the different brand websites and lusting over dresses. In all the time I've been interested in the fashion I've never really started wearing it. I have a JSK and a skirt from Bodyline, but I have nowhere to wear them. It's my dream to own a brand dress, as impractical as that may be.
Mary Magdalene is probably my favorite brand, even though I don't own anything from them. They're one of the first lolita brands I found appealing (I've never been very girly but I have always adored Victorian and Colonial style dresses). Their dresses are all so classic and beautiful! I prefer more classic lolita to sweet, I like the dresses that very clearly have Victorian inspiration to them. The more muted colors and the classic patterns are really appealing to me.

I made this "style board" a while back.. it's really just a collection of my dream dresses. Some of the floral ones actually remind me of a dress in the very first Gothic & Lolita Bible that I owned.. wouldn't it be amazing if one day I got my hands on my dream dress from five years ago?

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  1. i'm about to embark on an adventure to MAKE my first ever lolita dress. if it comes out okay, i'd totally make you one, too! no one i know understands the fashion the way i do!