11 January 2011

back to school

So, yesterday was my first day back to college. For about a week leading up to it I was worrying myself sick-- literally. I am the type of person who overanalyzes everything, thinks of the worst possible thing that could happen, and the anticipation of doing something is almost always worse than just doing it. Needless to say, my day went fine. It feels kind of surreal to me that I'm going to school again, and that I have responsibilities and I'm essentially responsible for myself while I am attending school.
Being the loner that I am, I spent my lunch hour walking around outside (even though it was freezing). I found that last year I didn't really ever take the time to learn my surroundings well. I was always in a hurry to get to class, get out of class, get away from my dorm, get away to my boyfriend. There are parks surrounding this campus, and the aviary and children's museum are within walking distance (and it's not that far from downtown Pittsburgh). I had a squirrel hop right up to me, sniffing for food. I felt bad because I had just thrown away the rest of my sandwich :( I have a feeling I will be spending lots of time outside, as opposed to sitting in the cafeteria, which seems to always be packed around lunch anyway.

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  1. Eh, I'm kind of a loner as well... :) Lovely pictures, really nice!

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