06 January 2011

2010 in pictures

I've seen different people around the web doing different takes on this.. figured I might as well also. January 2010 seems like ages and ages ago. I'm soon starting a new chapter in my life, and I've been thinking about what has changed since this time last year.

January: Not much happened in this month. I returned to school, started a new semester, wished it wasn't winter anymore.

February: We had a huge snowstorm, and I got out of school for an entire week. That storm made me really happy.
March: My boyfriend (Zach) and I started visiting art galleries in the city. At the end of the month we went to Boston for PAX East. My cat had to be put to sleep the day I got home.
April: My horrible roommate moved out and I finally had a room to myself. I started to feel a little better because it was spring. I went to a Pens game with my brother and dad. We got a new kitten. I withdrew from classes and quit school.
May: I tried to start making art more. Went to a bonsai show with Zach, saw some friends for the first time in a while. Started looking for a job, never found one.
June: Summer, finally, and tried to have fun. Went downtown, visited art galleries, explored places with Zach. I got a big haircut, the first in several years.
July: Spent the Fourth with my family and went downtown, had a lot of fun. Went to Ohio to visit relatives for more fireworks. We took a weekend to camp in Gettysburg, and even though the heat was near unbearable we did a lot and I had a good time.
August: Started applying to school, although I was feeling really miserable about the whole situation. Spent most of this month going places with my family.. went to a flea market to find it closed and the buildings abandoned, visited a cemetery, went to Conneaut Lake Park to find it really run down, went to a state fair.
September: I don't really remember this month. Everyone started going back to work and school but me. I was feeling worse and worse about everything. I think I visited Zach at school once or twice. Went to a hookah bar for the first time.
October: Zach's 21st birthday, though I couldn't see him then. We celebrated our third anniversary together. Started playing video games a lot. Carved pumpkins for the first time in several years but didn't do anything for Halloween.
November: My 20th birthday. Saw the Tim and Eric Awesome Tour 2010/Chrimbus Spectacular, which was fun. Went to a flea market and saw Tyler Kennedy. Finished up the application process at school, and got a schedule. Started to get stressed about that.
December:  We got some snow, and enough to stay around on Christmas. Baked annual Christmas cookies with my family. Started new traditions. I cut my hair. Had a pretty good Christmas. Spent some time downtown with Zach, visited the cemetery. Brought in the New Year at a friend's apartment.

And that brings us to now. I had orientation last night, so I feel a bit better about the whole school situation. At least now I won't get lost on campus. I'm very, very nervous about starting, though. And I'll be commuting by bus which is something I am not at all familiar with. I'm afraid I'll get lost somewhere, lol. ;_;

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