03 December 2010

style boards

I have this habit of browsing clothing sites (even though I know I don't have the money) and finding things I want (but will most likely never get). Yesterday I decided to put stuff together into "style boards" because I have way too much time on my hands.

This one is from AllSaints, which possibly may be my all-time favorite webshop. They consistently stock things that I would love to wear, and I wish I could. I'm not fond of wearing colors, and their shop is mostly made up of blacks, greys, and whites.

All of these shoes are from Asos. It's pretty obvious that I'm totally digging wedge booties right now, haha. And I adore those Vivienne Westwood winged shoes! VW has been one of my favorite designers for years and I wish I could get my hands on something of hers. Again, I am almost entirely against color in my shoes as well. I'm boring.

You can most certainly expect more of these from me in the future. Until I go back to school in January, I'm a zombie that sits in front of my computer a bit too much. I should force myself to draw or do something even vaguely productive :/

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