15 December 2010


We finally got a substantial snowfall! I'm really excited, haha. Usually I start to get into the Christmas spirit once there's snow covering the ground. We have gotten a few inches, and while it's been ridiculously cold out I'm still happy about it. I want to start baking cookies and wrapping presents now.

I feel like I missed out on a lot of stuff last year, because of school. I don't remember being very excited about Christmas. I missed Halloween, and since I was in the city I didn't get to enjoy (or even witness) autumn as much. I missed birthdays, I missed carving pumpkins.. so this year I have been trying extra hard to get my family to do these things.

Anyway, I don't really know where I'm going with this. This was supposed to be about how excited I was that it snowed and as usual I went off on some tangent about how lame last year was >:( I wish I could get over it boohoo

Um. Oh! I put Christmas lights in my room. I wish I had enough to go entirely around the perimeter of my room, but that would probably make it look way more cluttered and overwhelming. Sheesh, I have too much stuff and I am talking too much. I probably keep rambling because I'm nervous. Someone is supposed to be coming to work on our dishwasher and I am the only one home and what am I supposed to do while there is a strange man in my house? D:


  1. Lucky! I wish it'd snow here but all we got so far was a light dusting and then it rained >:[

  2. That's usually what happens here, it's actually really surprising to have this much before Christmas o_o