28 December 2010

recent art !

I have been trying very hard lately to make more art. I've really lost my passion for it over the last couple of years. I'm still trying to figure out my style, what I like to draw best, and coming up with new ideas, but I have made myself try at least a little bit.

A few years ago my drawing template of choice was Oekaki. Last week I tried my hand at Oekaki again for the first time in three years. It was definitely a surprise to me how little of the program I actually remembered, and it is very hard for me to translate my drawings to that medium. Here are just some small things I've done recently:
I also doodled around a bit on my Tegaki account. Nothing too serious or detailed, again, because I haven't used Tegaki in a while either.
The third one I'm actually messing around with in Photoshop.. knowing my tendencies I'll probably never finish it, although I'd really like to. The first one didn't turn out how I had intended, though I still kinda like it for as simple and messy as it is.

And finally, here's a painting I did for my grandmother for Christmas. She's always asking me to frame my artwork (even the pieces I think are terrible) and she loves hummingbirds so I thought a painting would be a good idea. She loves it and is obsessing over a good place to hang it, haha.
I think this is the first bird I have painted (or, for that matter, even drawn), and I've never really tried my hand at any sort of realistic animal before. I am pretty happy with how it turned out. The flowers.. not so much.

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