10 December 2010

mars and neptune

Like I mentioned a few entries ago, I've finally been inspired to start drawing again. When I'm working on something on paper I usually take progress pictures after each step (sketch, inking, coloring, etc-- because I get nervous and am afraid that I will mess it up), and today I was playing around in Photoshop with a drawing. Funnily enough, I might like this edited version even more than the real thing.
I wanted to experiment with cutting drawings out and pasting them onto a different surface with this piece (and with others in the future, because my drawings are always so.. flat and boring, imho). Thankfully I have lots of stationery and scrapbooking papers that I've accumulated over the years. So here's the final product.. I'd like to think these girls' names are Mars and Neptune.
Quite colorful, especially for me! Unfortunately the coloring got a bit washed out because of the flash on my camera (not having a scanner sucks big time, let me tell you), in actuality the blush on the skin is much more prominent. The eyes, lips and skin/blush were done in colored pencil, and the hair is marker.