07 December 2010


Today I finally started working on a card/drawing for varziel. A while back she offered to make and send Christmas cards to people that wanted them. I really find her art interesting so I offered to send something in return.

It's kind of sad that the only thing I have drawn in the past few months is not even for me, but at least it got me to do something. I've been inspired to start some more drawings some time soon. Anyway, here's a picture of it! I plan on mounting it on heavier canson paper (I was silly and drew and painted on regular old sketchbook paper, when I had a watercolor tablet right here u__u) in probably a yellow color.
The eyebrows really bother me, but otherwise I'm pretty content with this. Even though the flowers are a bit sloppy and not very detailed, I love how they came out. Anyway, I suppose you can expect some more nail polish posts in the upcoming week, and maybe more artwork from me (as well as a decent picture of this finished).

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